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Объявление итогов конкурса — 15 мая 2013 г. 59 конкурсных проектов будет опубликовано здесь в ближайшее время. Также мы объявляем открытое общественное голосование. Вы можете голосовать, используя кнопки Facebook like, retweet и Google +1 под каждым проектом.

Announcement of the results of competition — May 15, 2013. 59 competitive projects will be published here soon. Also, we are announcing an open public vote. You can vote by using the Facebook like, retweet and Google +1 buttons under the projects.

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  1. Posted on 11.03.2013 by Tengiz

    I have a question about the competition task. Do we have to design an installation in the park, or we have to redesign the park itself?

    • Posted on 12.03.2013 by semen

      The task is — only design of the installations, not redesign park.

  2. Posted on 28.03.2013 by frarob

    Dear Competition Team,

    We have some questions:

    What is urban ecological object for you? Is it a simply installation or it should be a small building with
    rooms to make events (conference, exhibition, etc.)?

    Concerning the dimensions of the urban ecological object. How it should be large?

    Must we provide toilets inside the urban ecological object ?

    Do the Cost-effective materials (cost of materials for the realization of 1 object should not exceed
    $3000.) also include the costs of lighting and the costs of toilets?

    • Posted on 29.03.2013 by semen

      Urban ecological object is closer to an art object, but not the building. For example: a platform for lectures with a projector. Or just an object of contemporary art.
      Dimensions — about 10 x 10 m.
      Toilets is not a part of this project. Your thoughts: what people may need to take a rest in the park? Or take a walk through the park and see something interesting.
      $3000 — is the cost of building materials, including — lighting.

  3. Posted on 08.04.2013 by Name

    Dear competition Team,

    we have 2 questions:

    _is it possible to get another verson of the dxf-file of the project site? When we try to open te file, it gives an error stating that one of the blocks is not defined, therefore it is not possible to open the file.

    _is there a website/catalogue where we can find general cost of building and building materials in Russia or an indication of this, or do we assume that the building cost estimation can be similar to costs in (western) Europe?

  4. Posted on 08.04.2013 by _

    Dear competition Team,

    we have 2 questions:

    _is it possible to have another version of the dxf (preferably in dxf) of the project site, because the one in the download section gives an error when we try to open it.
    _can we assume that the cost of materials en buidling cost is simular in Russia as in Europe?

  5. Posted on 11.04.2013 by semen

    We haven’t another version of the DXF.
    Yes, you can assume that the cost of materials is similar in Russia as in Europe.

  6. Posted on 23.04.2013 by Tengiz

    Dear competition Team,

    I have few questions concerning uploading of the proposal:
    1. Should the submitted images have any writings on them, e.g. name of the project, or name of the author?
    3. Registration form includes a paragraph about the design concept. Is it for the «brief explanatory note», or I have to make a separate file for it?
    2. Do all the documents have to be sent in separate files, or it can be uploaded as an single PDF file?

    • Posted on 23.04.2013 by semen

      1. Yes the submitted images may have writings on them, (name of the project or name of the author).
      2. It is for the «brief explanatory note».
      3. You can upload a single PDF file.

  7. Posted on 06.05.2013 by dzo

    Dear competition Team,

    Are the winners going to be chosen through a social network voting or by a jury?

    • Posted on 07.05.2013 by semen

      An open public vote will affect the jury’s choice. We’ll also announce a special audience prize soon.
      The winners going to be chosen by a jury.

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